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Comment 1

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Received this (name withheld). Thought I'd reply as follows:

	- I am not "demanding" immediate solutions	
	- It is not that I am claiming I am right; I at least 
		expect a further study on these matters (e.g., NIT)
		from top policy makers
	- Further thinking is our fate till we live; I think I 
		will try to share through writings rather than debate. 

Thanks, SS.

At 02:36 PM 8/14/00 +0530, you wrote:
>I really see no reason to feel disappointed about lack of adequate
>response to your ideas. You knew that there are problems and that is why
>you started thinking about them and addressing them. You cannot wish the
>problems away in one fine morning and demand immediate solutions. I
>would request you to keep in mind that the lack of positive response or
>of an intelligent and thoughtful counterview should not deter you from
>further thinking or sharing of your ideas with others. I wonder if you
>have seen a book called "Civil service reform: Structural adjustment" by
>Mr SK Das, who is also from the IAS like us. He talks about how other
>countries like New Zealand have reformed their civil service and made it
>more result-oriented.It is a really interesting reading, though it is
>still an unanswered question as to how you make the politicians agree
>for such a proposal to revamp the administration. I believe that there
>is still a lot of space for people like you to operate within IAS as
>well as the broader civil society.  Though I do not share your
>enthusiasm about the desireablity or practicality of NIT, I hate to see
>you withdrawing. With warm regards,

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