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who deals with corruption?

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
When I first placed my paper on political corruption before the Election
Commission, they told me to send it to Mr. Vittal. 

Mr. Vittal's reply was posted here but no action was envisaged by him such
as carrying out a study on this subject. 

Since all laws for the Election Commission are made by Ministry of Law and
justice, I sent a copy of the paper to their Secretary.

Today, they have replied saying that they don't deal with this, but Deptt. of
Personnel and Training deals with this.


Why should DOPT deal with electoral law, political compensation, and
analysis of politicians??

Wonderful. In the end, NO ONE (including the press) wishes to discuss the
reality behind India's political corruption.

Alice's Wonderland was less forbidding and cofusing than India's land of 
"Pass the Buck" till the passer of the buck gets tired.

I am truly tired.


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