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Re: some benefits of the georgist policy

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>.  Not true in my example.  There is
>cheap land outside Bombay now, yet no one is moving there now.  Why
>offices not moving out of downtown Bombay now????  And why will they
when a
>land tax is brought in ????  

Well,, that indicates that the advantage brought about by the location
are more than the cost of the extra high rent. This rent is being
eaten up by the landlords. So, when we tax the urban land we tax it on
the basis of market prices ( taking into account inflation ). this
resolves the (y-x) problem. The amounts paid to the govt will be the
value of the land spread over eternity taking into account the
inflation rate. If my explanation does not seem professional enough,
you can ask the people at henrygeorge.org. They can explain it kinda
better. ;-) Also, did i mention that the citizens dividend, which will
be distributed to all the citizens after the expense of aminimal
government will be met ? This will ensure a minimum income for all
citizens and spread the eonomic benefits to everyone. Looking at it in
another way, imagine that you are receiving a citizen's dividend, so
that reduces the impact of the rent on you. 

Yes , this proposal has to be studied in detail and matters are not
very simple. ( in today's society, what is?)

see ya

>You said "the land value or the unimproved land value which is sought
to be 
>taxed, is actually the rent paid out to the landlord forever".  This
is true
>in case of George's example.  I.E. a farmer can generate x amount
from a
>free crappy piece of land.  If a landowner can generate y from his
>then y-x is the rent.  True true...  But how will you value urban
>y-x would value urban land really low.  And what kind of figures do
>envisage urban homeowners to be paying annually???   And if you tax
>y-x, what is the motivation to own rural land ???  
>Again, I am for a land tax of this sort, but I do not feel it will
>affect the rents that people pay in urban areas as Georgiboy
>Also its ramifications are not as simple as he thinks they will be. 
>really needs to be looked into much deeper.  

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