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RE: Our People already forgot what an honest man looks like

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

>Chetna & Umesh Tiwari <chetna.umesh@usa.net> wrote on Friday August 
11, 2000 at  7:35am:

>No matter how good a system in paper, when almost everybody is 
corrupt and the
>rest indifferent, there is hardly anything that can be done to cure 
that kind
>of society. 
I tend to agree with you as far as that is concerned, but that is 
true only of TODAY's stituation. Whatever the charity trust sought 
from the government today, was sought because the Central government 
has such a pervasive influence. Eliminate this and you eliminate the 
root of the problem. We have to activelty seek computerisation of the 
entire laws and the bureaucracy restricting human involvement only to 
truly subjective matters.( MAKE THIS AN ADDITIONAL POINT IN THE 
MANIFESTO ) A Lot of OBJECTIVE guidelines for the setting up of 
everything in sight are there today. these can be evaluated by a 
computer and subjected to AUTOMATIC approval. for eg: appproval of a 
construction according to zoning laws - this an be evaluated by a 
software which can be distributed freely to everyone on multiple 
mirror servers. Therefore construction companies can directly seek 
approval from the government software and get direct approval. No 
human intermediation involved. so, No corruption. The government of 
india can offer asssitance to charity institutions only because it 
has forcibly grabbed the income of so many indians thro' taxes. Cut 
these taxes and the trusts will not have to seek money from the 
govt:, they will just go to the people with money, those4 who truly 
own it.


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