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Re: India :The coming Superpower (fwd)

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Sorry I do not share the optimism, though I do wish it was all true.

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> his is a mail I received from one of my friends from USA
>  RAvin
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>  From: Harshal Chhaya <hchhaya@epsilon.pair.com>
>  Saw this on BT...
>  - 'shal
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>  Interesting read....
>  Source: Asiaweek
>  "Forget the India you once knew: It is gone. Contemplate instead a new, 
> funky,
>  self-confident, resurgent nation, embracing its role as an emerging Asian
>  superpower.
>   This year, India's growth rate could outstrip China's - and prove more
>  sustainable. From far-off Silicon
>  Valley to home-base Bangalore, Indians are big in global software 
> development.
>  In tacky Tinseltown and
>  London's effete Bloomsbury, Indian writers, film stars and directors are 
> tops.
>  India's core institutions,
>  from an independent judiciary and a feisty free press to a massive, 
nuclear -
>  but always apolitical -
>  military, are anchored by roots more than half a century old.
>  There is mounting support for India to become a permanent member of the 
> United
>  Nations Security
>  Council. The country's scientists plan to launch a moon probe. Then there
>  is the
>  brightest jewel in
>  India's crown: its firm adherence to democracy. Put all this together and 
> the
>  surprise is not that India
>  is gatecrashing the elite superpower league, but that it has not happened
>  earlier. "

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