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Poverty, corruption, population

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
I do think socialism is virtually dead in India. Except for the highly
entrenched bureaucracy and some politicians, no one talks of it today.
Though, most are not aware what it means to NOT have socialism. I.e., the
alternative model is quite hazy to most.

Yesterday, Pramod Mahajan in his talk (here in Shillong) spoke of socialism
as being dead during a seminar I had helped organize, and yet spoke of the
massive the political and bureaucratic corruption in India freely in a
public meeting as well as press conference. No one was shocked. Everyone
said, "of course!!" He then spoke of IT as helping reduce corruption.

While agreeing that IT can help reduce corruption through transparency, the
basic issue of the causes of corruption has been very happily skirted by
all speakers in all forums. I STICK firmly with my paper on this subject
and continue to believe that the non-socialist model will NOT remove
corruption from India until the issues I have raised are resolved by the
citizens [I promise not to debate this issue again on IPI, though; I am
completely exhausted].

Second, the first Community Information (and internet) Centre of India has
been inaugurated yesterday at Mylliem, costing about Rs. 25 lakhs, near
Shillong by Pramod Mahajan. I gave my paper on NIT to the Secy IT, GOI, (by
now, the govt. of meghalaya, planning commission, PM office, ministry of
finance and ministry of IT all have copies of this paper and project note)
but as usual, I do think that almost NO ONE in India (including the
so-called liberals) has the ability to take the wholistic picture of
poverty  as presented in my NIT paper (I am thankful to Bibek Debroy for
publishing it in his Agenda for change, though), and fully appreciate the
magnitide of loot going on today in the name of povery alleviation. 

Therefore the CIC at Mylliem and the NIT project will remain unattempted,
and the country will continue to squander Rs.100,000 crores per year in
filling the pockets of the corrupt in the name of poverty alleviation.
Sauvik and most of the liberals will continue to shirk dealing squarely
with poverty, and in the name of poverty the corrupt will continue to loot
the country. How can the eyes of  our liberals be opened?

Then we have the continued nonsense on population being a problem paraded
across India even today. Population Commission, UNFPA, and all the rest. I
even saw garbage published in TOI recently by the reputed scientist (not
demographer) Jayant Narlikar. These scientists like Swaminathan,
Mahalanobis, Narlikar are good in their own limited areas; why do they
encroach in areas where they know NOTHING? My paper (as a cutting-edge
specialist in this area) has gone un-noticed at the national level though I
presented it to the Member-Secy of N pop commission on 16th July and she
said she would get back to me on the subject.

I have simply given up any desire or hope to reform India at any level.
Just amazed. This note was just a passing comment, of no particular import;
something I just could not resist.

As usual, for the last couple of weeks, I am not on IPI, so pl. send me
responses, if any, to this note only to my personal e-mail ad. I am trying
to wean myself from any further debate on India. Unfortunately, while I
continue to be in India, and remain an Indian citizen, India pops into my
thoughts at unexpected intervals each day. How does one exorcise this ghost
of "India" from one's thoughts?

Regards to all.

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