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RE: Re: Atleast a few NRI's should return.

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
On Mon, 7 Aug 2000 prabhu.guptara@ubs.com wrote:

 Indians in India might be the decision-makers in theory but in practice
 they find themselves paralysed by "the system". Indians outside India
 might not be decision-makers at all in theory, but they do have economic
 and influence power (witness the untold millions of foreign money which
 has gone into making the BJP and the VHP the powerhouses that they are

Just as well. As long as that influence is through invitation, one should
be grateful. If however it comes uninvited, my point is that there is a
reason why it wasn't invited [even with the knowledge of its existence] by
the polity here.

My question however related to the issue of Citizenship and its sine qua
 A real Indian is anyone who has India's interests at heart, wherever s/he
 live: there are, unfortunately, a number of Indian residents, who are 
 blackguards, thieves and worse...

Of course, and whom the other inconvenienced residents will deal with
through common policies as a matter of course. Thieves live in every
nation on the globe, and it is in the nation's interest to have in place
policies and institutions that penalise thieving. 

 ...Whether their number is smaller or larger than their number in other
 countries matters not a whit in relation to discussion of who an Indian
 is and whether NRIs should return ...and indeed whether some Indian
 residents should be kicked out :)
I am only arguing that there should be a cost to leaving AND joining a
politico-economic entity known as a nation. This cost refers to the cost
charged by the polity. In the most liberal tradition, a CITIZEN is free to
rationally choose to stay or leave at any point of time. We are,
HELPLESSLY, a nation; there are nationS on this globe and therefore there
are CitizenSHIPS. The Citizenship is the least and the highest cost one
can pay for the polity [depending on one's preference set].

And, no we can't even mention kicking a resident out. We might eliminate a
resident for grave crimes punishable by law, but otherwise EVERY one of
them (us) is here to stay here and will be treated so. No one resident can
be singled out, except through the application of the common law. A
resident is a citizen. A citizen is a resident. There are really no two
words about it, unless we talk of differential costs...

 Indians have in fact returned to India since the 1960s.  Not everyone
 has been able to cope with the continued degeneration of most conditions
 in India.  Though some have made it, thank God and thanks to them.  

No, thank the residents. They had a policy of Non Resident Citizenship
which enabled the Indians (assuming there were India-lovers) to 'return'.
 The issue is that the gap betwen conditions in India and conditions
 abroad grows wider and wider, but it was probably much more difficult to
 make the transition in the 1960s and 1970s than to make the transition
 since then (in my experience; though I can't speak for conditions at the
 moment and things might be changing for the better or for the worse
 right now).

Of course, all that gets subsumed under those costs and gains each citizen
is free to calculate and act upon.

 NRIs who return "successfully" might make it as the Ambanis have done by 
 collaborating with the system; or they might make it by resisting the system.

IMHO, no this is not the way to see it. I mean the Ambanis may have
collaborated with the system, but that IS the way with a citizenship. I am
collaborating with the system when I am simply living here. If I wished to
resist, I would evaluate the costs and decide to relinquish my

 As for the "cleaning of the dirt", that will only be possible through the 
 foundational work that is being done, for example, on IPI (mainly by NRIs or 
 with NRI support).
I agree :-)  . Only the cleaning has to come by invitation. Of course, IPI
is an internet org built on friendship and affection. But any Non-Citizen
can only do this much and no more. Yes, since all Non-resident Indians
today are not non-citizens it remains consistent!


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