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India :The coming Superpower (fwd)

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this is a mail I received from one of my friends from USA

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From: Harshal Chhaya <hchhaya@epsilon.pair.com>
Saw this on BT...

- 'shal
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Interesting read....
Source: Asiaweek

"Forget the India you once knew: It is gone. Contemplate instead a new, funky,
self-confident, resurgent nation, embracing its role as an emerging Asian

 This year, India's growth rate could outstrip China's - and prove more
sustainable. From far-off Silicon
Valley to home-base Bangalore, Indians are big in global software development.
In tacky Tinseltown and
London's effete Bloomsbury, Indian writers, film stars and directors are tops.
India's core institutions,
from an independent judiciary and a feisty free press to a massive, nuclear -
but always apolitical -
military, are anchored by roots more than half a century old.
There is mounting support for India to become a permanent member of the United
Nations Security
Council. The country's scientists plan to launch a moon probe. Then there
is the
brightest jewel in
India's crown: its firm adherence to democracy. Put all this together and the
surprise is not that India
is gatecrashing the elite superpower league, but that it has not happened
earlier. "

More ...

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