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Re:Re: Atleast a few NRI's should return.,

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
On Mon, 7 Aug 2000, Chetna & Umesh Tiwari wrote:
 Yes there is: Indian born and brought up in India, but found success and
 wealth in a foreign land. One who still has his heart at a place where he/she
 was born, wishes he could succeed without having to leave the society he/she
 knew growing up,and wants to give back to the society, the nation little bit
 of what he took when he needed it, one who wants to ensure many more kids of
 India don't have to go to distant land to find opportunities to succeed. 

There is a cost/benefit approach to citizenship. The costs and
benefits under the scheme of NATIONALITIES manifests through Residence.
Hence, so long as there are nationalities, residence and citizenship mean
the same thing. [well, when nations disappear, those two words would
disappear too]

In the same vein, it is an honour to be accorded to citizenship even when
not residing in the nation. It cannot be a privilege. A group of grateful
citizens could always, under national policy, accord citizenship to
non-residents; an IITMumbai, a Bangalore, a UP can always do that, subject
to commonly devised policies. 

To reiterate, the concept of NRC is an artifact. It doesn't reflect the
reality which is 200-odd nations on this globe. It has to be dismantled.
Please give me the counter rationale to this, if you would like to.

[I respect your sentiments, Sh Tiwariji and would not like to hurt them.
but in matters of policy it has to be philosophically consistent; I am not
implying it is here, and that's why we are talking, I hope.  I agree that
the height of rationality is in sympathy and compassion, but that too is
tenable as cost/benefit.  I think it applies to the argument for
'selfless' politicians too.  I think we talk in order to delineate our
thoughts to their common logic].


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