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Re:Re: Atleast a few NRI's should return.,

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
"Is there a definition of an Indian other than as 'one who legally resides on
the landmass constituting the Indian Nation' ? I mean a
politico-economic definition."

Yes there is: Indian born and brought up in India, but found success and
wealth in a foreign land. One who still has his heart at a place where he/she
was born, wishes he could succeed without having to leave the society he/she
knew growing up,and wants to give back to the society, the nation little bit
of what he took when he needed it, one who wants to ensure many more kids of
India don't have to go to distant land to find opportunities to succeed. 

"...wouldn't that be equally applicable for a chinese southafrican who is
grateful to India for whatever reasons?..."

No it won't. NRIs don't just do things because they are grateful, but because
they identify themselves with India, with its people, and more often then not,
even have family and relation links in India, and lot of them miss their
society, their community, their neighborhood, their roots back home, and won't
mind returning given a chance. Sam Pitroda, Raj Khosla, Kanwal Rekhi and all
others like them would have to be different from anybody else like John
Chambers or some such foreigner who will think of entering India only and only
for pure business reasons. No I don't really seek special favors as an NRI,
but I do see lot of sense in attracting lot of them, and tearing down
bureaucratic hurdles in their way of investing back in India. 

"......I am of the opinion that a former indian is actually less capable of
solutions here, because s/he failed the test of living and derstanding

Your opinion is wrong about most NRIs. They are not failed people, but rather
they have bigger dreams, bigger objectives, and they have come abroad after
being successful in whatever little opportunities Indian society offered them.
They wanted to do more, achieve bigger and better things, be of more help and
service to the society, mankind, scale new heights of enterpreneurship, which,
the socialistic and corrupt society of India has not been prepared to allow
barring just a privileged few. 

"...That's the point of disagreement. You don't belong to more than onenation.

Please do some homework. Look outside, see how many countries offer dual
citizenship to its citizens, and for good reasons. Political, business and
social. Unless you have studied the subject in detail, there is no point
discussing. You must know the reasons, the benefits and problems of not having
this benefit, and also of course, possible problems if any of granting dual

"There's really no clear reason building on political philosophy that 
contends that NRIs are different from other non-indians constituting the 
nations of Argentina to Zimbabwe."

An argentanian will not give away a million dollar to Bombay IIT, but its alma
matter Kanwal Rekhi jut did. A Zibabwean will not give a million dollar to
Bangalore Municipal Corporation just to improve primary education in the city,
but an NRI who was born and brought up in Bangalore did just that last year. A
professor of Northwestern University Chicago will not open a school for
handicapped Children at Bithoor near Kanpur if he was himself not Indian once,
and if he did not identify with the problems of children in India. I can go
on, stories are endless, but of no use to someone who has not seen anything or
is not aware of what NRIs do, and how much of their efforts get wasted in
oiling the bureaucracy just to get some basic legal work done, and how many
new NRIs simply get discouraged from investing due to lack of simple rules and
problems of bureaucracy created just for the reasons of maintaining corrupt
practices and bribery. 

"There's really no clear reason building on political philosophy that 
contends that NRIs are different from other non-indians constituting the 
nations of Argentina to Zimbabwe."

There are several reasons, and I say not as an NRI (cuz I personally believe I
may soon be a resident Indian), but a resident Indian needs to see reason. 

Good luck. 

Umesh Tiwari

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