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Re: the government need be only a fraction of its present size

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Cprakash wrote:

 > The money to run the government may come from the only tax that cannot
 > be evaded - a tax on land & natural resources. Leaving commerce free
 > from all sorts of taxes and regulation will boost our economy to
 > heights never seen before. This is the true free-market.

this seems like an argument from the pre-industrial age
when the primary means of production, hence source of wealth,
was land.

seems like this unfairly targets farmers, miners, oil drillers etc
while leaving out every other activity that creates wealth.

i can see that this is trying to restrict sales to the tangible
but this is just as susceptible to evasion as other activities
e.g. how do you value land, minerals etc to arrive at a
tax assessment? same problem as assessing a corporation's
profits or an individual's taxable earnings.

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