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Re: the government need be only a fraction of its present size

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
I could agree with the radical proposal at least in principle, however there 
are other concerns such as the environment which are important to all 
people. How will that fit in.

In a message dated 8/4/00 7:58:07 AM Central Daylight Time,
Cprakash@goplay.com writes:

 > I reiterate that the only essential functions of government are
 >  1.The courts ( & the related institution of prisons )
 >  2.The military
 >  (perhaps a surveyor general, too. I thought on the possibility of
 >  private surveying, but to establish things like geodesic  >  standards, 
 >  may need a larger structure . i.e the government)
 >  The Legislature is a superfluous institution. Do more laws  >  actually
 >  make for a better society ? The people's representatives can be in  >  
 >  executive which will be handling No:1 & No : 2.
 >  The money to run the government may come from the only tax that  >  
 >  be evaded - a tax on land & natural resources. Leaving commerce  >  free
 >  from all sorts of taxes and regulation will boost our economy to
 >  heights never seen before. This is the true free-market.
 >  C.Prakash

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