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the government need be only a fraction of its present size

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
I reiterate that the only essential functions of government are 
1.The courts ( & the related institution of prisons )
2.The military
(perhaps a surveyor general, too. I thought on the possibility of
private surveying, but to establish things like geodesic standards, we
may need a larger structure . i.e the government)

The Legislature is a superfluous institution. Do more laws actually
make for a better society ? The people's representatives can be in the
executive which will be handling No:1 & No : 2. 

The money to run the government may come from the only tax that cannot
be evaded - a tax on land & natural resources. Leaving commerce free
from all sorts of taxes and regulation will boost our economy to
heights never seen before. This is the true free-market.

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