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RE:Why I hesitate to join politics?

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We have used the term "joining politics" many times in several threads for 
last many weeks and argued whethar one should or should not join politics. 
Interestingly we have not defined what "joining politics" means. Given the 
time, expense and other practical considerations which have been discussed 
at length by others on this board, I do not think that lot of people can 
become legislators or occupy elected office. I would like to know what then 
is meant by the phrase "join politics".

My own take on the matter is therefore that "joining politics" should
1. Being aware of political issues that is issues that involve government 
and public affairs.
2. Responding to political events and developments in an active and
constructive way in order to promote adoption of better public policies.

Can someone refine my definition so that we can then discuss what one can 
then do in order to improve our politics and government.

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