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Politics - India visit

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
I have been a silent but very interested in the ongoing discussion.
Not knowing how to assist/get involved in a significant way is a
problem.  (I have just looked at the site and plan to get involved in
one of the subcommittees.)   I wonder if there could be an explicit
list of ways that individuals can contribute in a more significant
way - in my case from the US.  I have been recently been thinking of
moving back to India by getting a job with a multinational firm.

Anyway, I will be visiting India in September for the first time
after 15 years.  I had moved to the US at 19.  I would value meeting
you or other members of this discussion group.  The cities I will be
visiting include Delhi and Bombay (I am somewhat flexible on my

Anil Comelo

>"Dr. Sanjeev Sabhlok" <sanjeev@sabhlokcity.com> wrote on Monday July
 >31, 2000 at  9:32am:

 >>IPI was formed to define (a) best policies [People's Manifesto] and
 >>best political platform (Constitution of an Ideal Political Party].
 >>The hope was that some good folks would contest electoral politics
 >on this
 >>platform to save us, and India, from the on-going disaster.
 >>Joining politics = joining electoral politics. SS

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