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political corruption

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Dr Sanjeev Wrote few weeks ago:

Param: I thought you should read the Election law before suggesting the
lottery again. Many issues are not included in your essay (which you sent in
earlier). From last day of withdrawal to election
is about 14 days: impossible to organize many thousands of
lotteries(thousands of MLA and hundreds of MP elections can take place in
general elections); and you don't want this for independents anyway. These
things are JUST not practical. 
Do get the electoral law from Election Commission, or ask your nearest
district magistrate to lend you the laws. Of course, lateral thinking is
wonderful, so please do try to fit your idea in a more practical framework.
No need to give it up; it might yield some valuable alternative. 


My Response:

I tried to contact my district magistrate for the electoral law but invain.
Tried to refresh some basic knowledge about same through election
commission's web site but less useful.

Still with the 'belief' that even if some thing in law is against what is
agreed upon in this forum, our purpose here is 'to get the very law
modified' , I try to add following modifications to my document on campaign
finance that will eliminate most of practical difficulties:

---As mentioned in the document,Organisation of lottery is always headache
of candidate/party. So thousands of candidates or constituencies should
never matter especially with following checks. And it is always
'reimbursement type'.

---No one who withdraws or loses deposit will ever be reimbursed for his
campaign expenses.If he is  an independant candidate, who does not have any
mandate to count on, or one who with draws 14 days before election, he will
not get any reimbursement for his campaign expences.It is his headache to
bear the expenses of lottery organisation. 
---Even 'lottery' itself is not conducted for those candidates who lost
deposit or who with draws.But funds will be with Election commission/PM
relief fund. This will effectively narrow down entire excercise. It will be
written on each ticket that there is no guaratee that a prize will be drawn
on this. Now people will know who is the possible candidate who commands
enough mandate to recover his security deposit, atleast in terms of
'conducting' lottery.That prompts them to buy them selectively, instead of
every ticket in market of a frivolous candidate.It is a natural check
against un controlled, mushroom growth of Independant Candidates, frivolous
candidates, all of a sudden spurting in to election scene, simply taking
advantage of this facility . 

---Soon after declaration of elections, candidate's lottery is also
registered at the same time of filing nomination, each ticket amount keeps
flowing in to Govt fund or election commission's fund even it is from
frivolous candidates. But the percentage determined for a good cause
mentioned on the ticket by candidate will be routed accordingly whether he
wins a deposit or not.But Prizes will be drawn only after conducting lottery
for those candidates who atleast got their deposit. Reimbursement is also
from same lottery funds , but to the limit allowed.

---There is no role for Election Commission in terms of man hours in this
effort Except 'Statutory Control' of funds. I do not see any practical
difficulty after ensuring above points.
Even the paper work involved is with local Banks, chosen by candidate, just
like joint acoounts opened which are subject to prevailing rules.The new
rules drawn out for this excercise is supposed to Govern these funds.

---Lastly, pension like fixed income envisaged in my earlier mail is valid
only when he is not in field. If he is again in field, he may have the
previlige of reaping which ever is higher amount as his regular income for
his post active political career (in terms of electoral politics).

Depending on response to this , I will send revised document.


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