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Re: Pvt and Public -no point

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
On Wed, 2 Aug 2000, venugopal wrote:

 ... The way inequalities in the world are level playing field doesn't
 exist, desireable though it is. Can we honestly expect free markets to
 play their text book role with so much of gap?

I agree with the incidence of inequalities in the world today. But I don't
agree that it has been the result of a free-market. On the contrary. Many
of today's powerful corporations and their owners have actually been
beneficiaries of State patronage and protection, and that accounts for
their affluence and power. That's thieving and not playing by the market.
Again, there are individuals and corporations that have come to command
enormous power through sheer understanding of the market. Microsoft is a
popular example. Whatever may have been its practical approach to software
production, marketing and revenues, that company played by the
free-market.  Every company that collaborated with and every
individual/corporate who bought MS products was doing it consciously;
possibly with a conscious recognition of its/his/her utter helplessness in
getting caught into the whirlpool (network economics), but it/he/she chose
it and MS got its revenues and eventual defacto monopoly. There's no one
to blame here, except perhaps the invisible hand that didn't care to put
some courageous and abler men with a capacity to beat that horrendous
economics of a network! So, one cannot really accuse the market for the
distortions we see today. 

 My answer is that in important social sector, government should play a
 more meaningful role with greater transparency and accountability.And
 there is no reason to away from it.

I agree. But we will probably disagree with the definition of 'social
sector'. A social sector's objectives, I think, should be to ENABLE every
citizen to act with courage and creativity. This is, of course, MADE
possible by ensuring fine education, good health and a responsive
judiciary. To be sure, I am not saying 'providing' but only 'ensuring';
and that's possible, I think.


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