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Re:Re: Atleast a few NRI's should return.

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
On Tue, 1 Aug 2000, Chetna & Umesh Tiwari wrote:

  While living abroad yet still calling themselves Indians...

Is there a definition of an Indian other than as 'one who legally resides on 
the landmass constituting the Indian Nation' ? I mean a
politico-economic definition.

I am not saying anything more than that we should have a policy of
treating NRIs, Egyptians, Americans and every non-indian alike. We don't 
disagree, but I see a hint of concessions expected in the treatment to NRIs, 
which I think is untenable.

  ...gives NRIs a unique perspective to see India from outside their
  generally better financial position kicks their generosity instincts and 
asks them to do some good for the people "back home"...

wouldn't that be equally applicable for a chinese southafrican who is
grateful to India for whatever reasons?

  as well as the fact that their successes abroad usually are achieved
  through innovation, good education, hard work and enterpreneurship. All   
of these inherent qualities give them good ideas as to how exactly the 
social and cultural changes can be initiated in India.

No doubt about that. But it's not SPECIAL. I am of the opinion that a
former indian is actually less capable of solutions here, because s/he
failed the test of living and understanding here!

  From this point of you, desis abroad are certainly an asset, should be 
viewed as such...

No doubt. But of course, just as we would of that russian economist
sitting in Johannesberg who has spent a decade reading, visiting and
understanding us (out of self-interest).

  ...should even be given dual citizenship in order for them to freely run 
their philonthropy and help their brothern back home.

That's the point of disagreement. You don't belong to more than one
nation. And you work and play for the one which you belong to. You are
working for Germany (= playing games with india ?), then you are a german; 
Japan, then you are a japanese... You cannot have an indian citizenship and 
work for japan, so long as the whole world insists on maintaining 
Passport/Visa offices for their respective turfs.  The point: there should 
be no schism between the polity and the economy at anytime.  If the WTO can 
bring about the elimination of these offices...not in a thousand years.

  ...Those who are willing and able to do that, we in India should welcome 
them with open arms, those who have good suggestions, it never hurts to 
listen to them, and those who care to do their little bit by supporting a 
charity or promoting a good cause, never hurts to praise them.

No doubt. The italians, the russians, the indians, everyone has always
done that [except I guess, the Idi'Amins and the Hitlers who saw the
uncharitability of the aliens].

  But, finally, it is up to us (not me at this point, cuz I'm an NRI too for 

I hope I have not offended you and the other NRIs on this list. I am aware 
IPI's renewal was paid for by an NRI. The point is whether they should be 
extended SPECIAL treatments as a matter of economic and social policy. 
There's really no clear reason building on political philosophy that 
contends that NRIs are different from other non-indians constituting the 
nations of Argentina to Zimbabwe.


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