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Re: Pvt and Public -no point

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Padmanabha rao wrote
"The free-market thesis would account for the Old couple's
predicament and solution, IF it is allowed to play perfectly."
How exactly do you do that? That is the main issue.
And where do you have free markets in this real world?
You can see, for example,  from Human Development Report of UNDP that
top 10 pesticide companies in the world control 85% of the global
market, which is worth 31 Billion dollar worth. Similar is the case with
top 10 telecom companies in the world, which control 86 % of the 262
Billion dollar global market.The way inequalities in the world are
growing is unprecedented in history. The assets of top 3 Billionaires in
the world are more than combined GNP of ALL least developed countries in
the world consisting of 600 Million people.All this shows simply that
level playing field doesn't exist, desireable though it is. Can we
honestly expect free markets to play their text book role with so much
of gap?
My answer is that in important social sector, government should play a
more meaningful role with greater transparency and accountability.And
there is no reason to away from it.

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