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RE: RE:Why I hesitate to join politics?

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Joining politics is not the same as joining "electoral politics".

To me, joining politics means (1) exercising the right of franchise each and 
every time I'm given the chance, (2) responding to and commenting on 
political events in the country, (3) exposing the ridiculousness and 
venality of those who have joined "electoral politics", (4) doing whetver I 
can to get honest men into electoral politics ( rather difficult because of 
the huge sums of money required to fight an election & thereafter the very 
poor rewards for  honest men in such a polluted system).

IPI, keep up the good work!!

 >IPI was formed to define (a) best policies [People's Manifesto] and (b)
 >best political platform (Constitution of an Ideal Political Party].
 >The hope was that some good folks would contest electoral politics on this
 >platform to save us, and India, from the on-going disaster.
 >Joining politics = joining electoral politics. SS

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