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Re: public vs private

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
In the given situation( death in the family, need to cremate, only cemetary 
in town not responsive to your needs) it doesn't matter much if the cemetary 
is privately owned or govt. run you're in trouble.  But honestly when was 
the last time you went to a privately run business and the business owner 
treated you rudely,or failed to give you service.( the guys livelihood 
depends on your business, remember )

 >i get the impression that the market arguments many people
 >present here [correctly] see the problems of a time-constant
 >[i.e. entrenchment] in matters of government power but assume zero  > or
 >near-zero time-constants of the systems they advocate and i'm saying  
 >is naive.

I believe the corrective measures take place at a faster pace in a privately 
run company because the customers "vote" every time they decide to buy/not 
buy a product.  And the "vote" is focused on the one product in question. In 
a publicly owned organization the corrective measures would be much slower 
as the customers "vote" once every 5 years.  And the "vote" is totally not 
focused( when you vote for candidate A, are you voting for him because the 
cemetaries in your town ran well or because Indian Airlines provided good 
service during his tenure or was it just because he belonged to your caste 

 >the problem i would like to see discussed is how we can design
 >social systems, involving the public and private, that have low
 >time-constants i.e. are responsive to public needs in a more timely  >
 >fashion in a manner that serves the maximum number over the greatest  >
 >period, and what are the catalysts to bring this about. i have some  >
 >ideas as that i'll try to present in subsequent post's as i'm short  > on
 >time here.

I think that's exactly what we're discussing here, and some of the catalysts 
in increasing responsiveness are (1) Companies whose well being solely 
depends on the quality of service they provide( read private companies ).
(2) Environment in which Companies can hire/fire freely, enforce contracts 
easily, expand/contract business easily.

 >Comparing products and services in the the US vs India
 >is meaningless given the differences of history, geography,
 >population, and resources. For a fairer comparison let's compare
 >the US and canada- in particular the healthcare system

I can give you zillions of examples of how govt. sucks in commerce in every 
country and you pick the one country in which govt. run healthcare is a 
little better than the one country in which privately run healthcare sucks( 
for a host of reasons, like very large rewards in malpractice cases, 
increasing costs all around, and preferential rates for medicines bought by 
the govt, again increasing costs all around. )

Anyways, if you want to compare products within India between the private 
and public companies, what other factor explains the difference in service 
between Indian Airlines/Air India of 10 years ago and Jet Airways( Which is 
the best air lines I have ever flown ) and how come you can get a cell phone 
connection in a few hours(privately operated, of course) and we had to wait
years together to get a land line from ITI and now we get immediate land 
line connection in cities(like Hyd.) where we have pvt. companies operating.
   And how come most every Provision store in the country have all the
products available at all times(very similar to stores in America, despite 
all the differences in the history, geography,population, and resources), 
and the PDS stores are almost always closed and if they are open by chance 
they are expecting Sugar and oil to be in the store in a couple of days(very 
similar to the stores in Communist Russia, again despite all the 

 >The question then as i see it is, are we on IPI going to take the
 >philosophical position that no activity is worthy, or even possible,  >
 >unless it generates private profit or do we have the will and   ability > 
 >think beyond pre-packaged indoctrinaire views to find a basis for >
 >examining problems and potential solutions.

doesn't activity without motivation/profit spell "not going to work".

Praveen Hombaiah.

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