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Pvt and Public -no point

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On Tue, 1 Aug 2000, Komaragiri, Param (Param)** CTR ** wrote:

 The point is, the Old couple will never get their bus if the route is
 exclusive to private.We always have to strike a balance in pvt and public.
 (Does our postal dept is in losses ? any body knows? )

For the fact, the Indian Postal Service has been in the red for more than
a decade (I think since 1986; apart from operational inefficiencies it is
also excessively staffed; I also think the Dept is least bothered with
innovating processes that would help increase its efficiency).

But the point is behind that. The "Old couple" has been the socialist's
knife to whoever has desired to get stabbed. The argument is really
obvious, provided one checks and rechecks the premises, so let me not
elaborate that. The free-market thesis would account for the Old couple's
predicament and solution, IF it is allowed to play perfectly.  The more
problematic issue is how to ensure/organise/enable/allow the PERFECT
free-market. In the absence of the full arsenal (i.e. dramatically clear,
simple policies)  to ensure that the market operates for perfect freedom
often it does not seem worthwhile to adopt it. 

Power is the bete-noire of the free-market (it makes it unsustainable) and
given that the human mind is *normally* powered by the desire for Power it
is quite difficult to realise the conditions (processes, institutions and
policies) of the sustainable free-market. But that is not to say that the
ideal be damned and the reality be justified howsoever. It is possible,
only we don't yet know how to transcend the factor of Time, upon which
rests the normal concept of Power.

I think Information Technology, NIT are possible means to transcend Time
to an extent, but ultimately it has to be realised personally in every
actor in the political-economy. Clear and Simple laws would also aid that,
but god how do you realise that !? (a free-market is based on the axiom of
choice, an intepretation of which is that the real number line is
well-ordered; Our laws? they are anything but linear and well-ordered,
enabling one to prove opposites as it suits). But I still don't think we
should damn the ideal.


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