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Re: RE:Why I hesitate to join politics?

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Are we then saying that those who do not win or contest parlimentry or state 
elections are incapable of influencing the course of things. You yourself 
have argued that in the current scenario a person without money power cannot 
hope to run for office or get elected. So what are we to do. Sit with our 
hand on hand. I think that our current sad state results amongst other 
things from leaving everything to our five hundered and forty MPs who out of 
sheer necessity (as per you) have to fill their own pockets before they do 
anything else. Is there no voice for the people other than a right to vote 
once or twice in five years, that too if their name has not been taken off 
the voter's list. I refuse to buy that.

If the American Medical Assoc. increases awareness and debate about 
healthcare, that to me is a political activity since eventually that will 
influence public opinion and then public policy. A journalist who exposes a 
corruption scandal is also doing a political act and so is also a person who 
brings forth a PIL to force the government to check vehicular pollution. 
What we are doing on IPI is political activity and will influence policy if 
we can do it on a bigger scale with more visibility amongst the Indian 
public, whether or not any of us ever get elected to a legislative body. 
What was acheived by JP in 1977 while he was out of office was more 
politically relevant than anything the subsequent Janta government did in 
office. I would therefore not discount political activity that takes place 
outside of our legislatures.

I would therefore not think that just because we cannot get one of us 
elected that we are totally without political power. That is why I seek to 
broaden the meaning of term "joining politics", not for the sake of argument 
but for the sake of exploting the freedoms we still have.


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Sanjeev Sabhlok" <sanjeev@sabhlokcity.com> writes:

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Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
IPI was formed to define (a) best policies [People's Manifesto] and (b) best 
political platform (Constitution of an Ideal Political Party].

The hope was that some good folks would contest electoral politics on this 
platform to save us, and India, from the on-going disaster.

Joining politics = joining electoral politics. SS

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