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RE:Re: Atleast a few NRI's should return.

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

Very nice analysis Mr.Padmanabha Rao!
The best, and perhaps only way India can change itself in the long run is by 
having its own resident sons and daughters work for it, the ones who have 
their own lives at stake there rather then those who get imported as 
consultants to do some favour for our nation.

It is perhaps one of the bad habits of socialism that we as a society have 
inherited, which makes us look upwards or elsewhere for someone else to help 
solve our problems. Looking all over to learn, and even emulate good things 
is not bad, yet not taking responsibility to keep our own house in order, 
and seeking some "consultants" with better ideas to come and fix our 
problems is really a bad way to look at the problems and trusting too much 
the outsiders who may or may not be your best friends!

While living abroad yet still calling themselves Indians, gives NRIs a 
unique perspective to see India from outside, their generally better 
financial position kicks their generosity instincts and asks them to do some 
good for the people "back home", as well as the fact that their successes 
abroad usually are achieved through innovation, good education, hard work 
and enterpreneurship. All of these inherent qualities give them good ideas 
as to how exactly the social and cultural changes can be initiated in India. 
>From this point of you, desis abroad are certainly an asset, should be 
viewed as such, should even be given dual citizenship in order for them to 
freely run
their philonthropy and help their brothern back home.

However, on the other hand, for our people back home to depend upon this 
small bunch of foreigners to take care and cleanse their system is a totally 
foolish idea. I personally believe you will find very few of these NRIs 
really committed to come back, live on the ground without whining and 
complaining as to how better they were in their foreign home and work hard 
alongside you in order to help realize a system change (fruits of which can 
really take generations to realize!). Those who are willing and able to do 
that, we in India should welcome them with open arms, those who have good 
suggestions, it never hurts to listen to them, and those who care to do 
their little bit by supporting a charity or promoting a good cause, never 
hurts to praise them.

But, finally, it is up to us (not me at this point, cuz I'm an NRI too for 
now) the citizens, the resident ones, the sahibs, the peons, the teachers, 
the clerks,the reporters, the mazdoors, the villagers, the citi dewellers, 
the jobless, the cynics, the trusting ones, who have to take up the 
responsibility to work towards the system change, and not depend upon 
returning NRIs.

Umesh Tiwari

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