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RE: corruption - the reason and a simple solution

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	Venu Gopal wrote:

 > I dont agree with the view that everything that is private is great  > 
 > everything that is done by government is corrupt or inefficient.
 > Involvement of Government in different sectors has helped India in  > the
 > initial years a great deal, by taking services to backward regions  > 
 > no private sector person would ever go. Even now, different State  > Road
 > transport corporations do provide services to interior and far-off
 > villages.
I agree with this. There is another classic example of postal services. None 
of courier services could match 'speed post' or even the ordinary post.. esp 
to remote areas . The classic example repeats itself in USA too !The biggest 
private market Engine ! US Postal service has its typical trucks serving 
postal customers at every
nook and corner with affordable costs  !

  An old couple left in a busstation at odd hours  like 11.00 pm still will 
get the bus to their remote destination, a corner village at that hour.Even 
if they are 'the only passengers', the service still is 'on-schedule'. No 
corruption or no hazzles as expressed about many
of once in life time experience like applying for driving licence  or 
registering property etc.This is the most common interaction of 'public' 
with a Govt 'Service'. I heard of a stringent control  Drivers/Conductors 
showing up for work, in Road Transport Corp in (AP), to ensure every bus 
operates on schedule.. if a person wants an unforeseen leave, it is his look 
out to arrange alternative.
Sounds harsh, private like .. right.But That is what  is in force ! ensuring 
the old couple reache their destination safely at midnight ! (The 
corporation makes losses unlike its counterpart in TamilNad for some other 
reasons like improper asset/finance management etc). A sudden inspection of 
supervisor on the road almost pisses off the conductor for he has to show 
that he does not have extra cash than accounatble ! Paralally I have seen 
private operators , profit driven, exploiting passengers, forcing their 
staff to over work, causing accidents. Private bus operators' service might 
be better between big cities.I am talking about remote places' tranportation 
The point is, the Old couple will never get their bus if the route is
exclusive to private.We always have to strike a balance in pvt and public.
(Does our postal dept is in losses ? any body knows? )


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