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The IT Bill

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Gentlemen of the IT Ministry,

Congratulations on putting on the Internet a lot of material about your
ministry, which is easily accessible to ordinary citizens. It will be
if all the ministries follow your example.

The IT Bill, presented in legalese, is incomprehensible to citizens,
with the help of  a lawyer. Unless you want the citizens to continue
interacting with the govt only through lawyers or corruption-agents, the

Ministry of IT must strive to do something different. A beginning can be

made by presenting a gist of the Bill in plain English in space of, say,

two-three pages. You will be immensly surprised how much such a step
will be
welcomed by those who can, and are, immensly contributing to the IT
revolution taking place all around us in our country. If you want them
react or contribute to this Bill, above suggested is the minimum and
friendly step you must take immediately.

- a well wisher.

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