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RE: things to do

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Re.: our telecom this morning, e-mail me a copy of ur letter to the CEC.
I shall follow it up with one of mine, to the CEC and also to mr
j.m.lyngdoh who is a good friend of mine along with a small personal
note to tell him what we want. he is an honest officer who plays by the
looking forward to some action to give a jot to the system!
Indrajit Barua.
>Date: Fri, 26 Nov 1999 17:59:20 -0800 (PST)
>From: "Dr. Sanjeev Sabhlok" <sanjeev@sabhlokcity.com>
>To: debate@indiapolicy.org
>Subject:  things to do
>Reply-To: debate@indiapolicy.org
>Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
>Was out of town for a week. On my return I find a lot of discussion in
>archives on what action are we taking. Well: I don't know about IPI.
>is what I have done this week:
>* I asked Mr. Pani, Dy. Chief Election Commissioner, Election
>about why I could not get a copy of the election expenses of political
>parties. He said they are not willing to do that. Mr. Arun Kumar in his

>book, Black Economy in India has given answers which I had requested
>Arindam Roy (TOI) to prepare: election expense survey. Avg. cost PER
>candidate is abt. Rs. 1.3 crores per MP constituency. I gave him a copy
>the "Fundamental Law of Corruption" on IPI's website and wanted his
>feedback. He asked me to approach Mr.Vittal, CVC.
>* Also tried to get the free and frank discussion of our politics and
>bureaucracy written in the NN Vohra committee report. Have arranged to
>secure it soon. Will try to put it up on the web since it has been
>in the Parliament and is a public document.
>* STEP 1 : Write to CEC seeking a copy of the political parties
>accounts. Let us know why we are being 'mystified' as citizens by all
>politcal parties. We need to know the truth about each parties expenses
>order to vote correctly. Also, seek clarification on WHY there is no
>linkage between what is spent on elections and the remuneration given
>MPs/ MLAs. Refer to the fundamental law of corruption.
>* STEP 2: Write to the President of India asking him to drastically
>increase the remuneration of MPs and MLAs. MPs and MLAs are reluctant
to do
>that since they expect people to not understand. We need to do that for
>*  STEP 3: Write out the draft constitution of an ideal political party

>which has complete inner party democracy and transparency. Sauvik
>Chakravarti (editor, Economic Times) and I are trying to work on this.
>a draft is ready, it will be put up to all for debate. Suggestions are
>* STEP 4: Liaise with like-minded people. I met Jaiprakash Narayan of
>Andhra, SV Raju of Bombay, Iris Madeira of Bombay, among others, in the

>National Symposium on LIberal values for the 21st century organized at
>Delhi. Let us all sit on IPI and talk. Form local branches of IPI/ any
>other such forum and TALK person to person.
>* STEP 5: Write content. Barun and I worked on a note about the need to

>create content for a larger debate. More on this later.
>* STEP 6: Read Sauvik's new book (released on 24th), entitled
>published by MacMillan. Read at least one book per week. Be abreast
>the facts and knowledge of India.
>* STEP 7. write your views to autorities concerned with a copy to IPI.
>will put them up for larger circulation.
>THESE, AND MUCH OTHERS, ARE THINGS TO DO. Don't cry about what IPI (or
>others) are doing or not doing. Let us DO something ourselves and not
>OTHERS to do something. All action combined together will lead to
>work.JUST DO IT!
>no magic wand. ACTIVE CITIZENSHIP is the need of the hour. DEMAND a
>and good country and governance. don't sit and watch others try (and
>fail) in this effort.

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