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Re: Graduation out of a Caste....?

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Correctly enough, the solution to the problem of a casteist society is
when the populace enjoying the sense of superiority wisely calls it off!

But this is a solution that demands a singular and extraordinary event
permeating Understanding in e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e, an event that will happen
through the passage of Time, and NOTHING ELSE.  Only I can decide if it
in the fitness of things to declaim MY possession of 'superiority'
accorded to me by virtue of my birth; it's as simple and therefore as
a Problem. At the heart of Institutions are People, AFTER ALL.

But after this though, there has been the Governmental attempts to
influence the speed of weaving the new social fabric, and I think a
meaningful solution simply lies in employing quality fuel and quality
transmission systems in the Bus (assuming the driver is really intent on

maintaining full acceleration...or does another problem exist
then the Fuel and Transmission systems would work so long as the Bus is
moving). The caste consciousness, we all know, is maintained by the
inequity in the distribution of wealth as much as by the inequity in the

availability of opportunities. No doubt they are related ultimately, but

for the purposes of any intervention we have to pry it open somewhere to

actually *do* whatever it is.

In this light, I think a great deal of the *process* can be speeded up
the Government would consider tackling the reality in the Economic
and simply decides to pump REAL MONEY (fuel), REAL FAST into the HANDS
the oppressed.  It is possible to ECONOMICALLY EMPOWER, AND
this factor of TIME that has to be cornered in as much a degree as is
possible. Institutional structures will take their own sweet time to
change. The Government might seek to influence the tide with MONEY. Most

of the existent Policies and Programmes are geared for Long Term
and therein lie the seeds for their premature deaths, if not wholesome
eternal subversion.  Sometimes, it's the most easiest of answers that
also the most effective ones, and I believe it applies to the case of
using the one areligious means available - Money - to influence the
movement very effectively. I am not at all implying that Money would
"solve" the problem; only that it will, definitely, jolt the structure
towards an economic equilibrium and that would ease the depressing
of the Caste System we have here (namely that of 'lack of opportunities
leading to lack of resources leading and the self fulfilling chain').
transmission system has to be different from the Bureaucratic method;
short chain from the identification authority to the bank. If the effort

is aided by the issuance of the Voter Identity cards and the forthcoming

Census data it seems a tractable task.

So any takers to this down-to-earth approach?! :) If I am right this has

been suggested by various people for many years *:-|

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