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On Arrow and Sen

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Mr. Joseph G. Davis's comment:
"In the interest of meaningful debates, it will be useful if the
>check their facts before they rush to post,>-Joseph G. Davis"

calls for the following clarification:

The quoted words below are those of Dr Sabhlok, not myself:

>> >"Anyone willing to clarify what he means?
>> >
>> >Then he adds, shockingly, (p.92) "my own political position is
>> distinctly
>> >on the left." What??? Marx and Smith go together now-a-days?"

I had quoted Sabhlok before asking my specific question which was

>> --- I had asked on IPI a year ago for a reference preferably on the
>> Internet
>> to Professor Sen's Nobel lecture; I wonder if anyone has such a
>> reference;
>> if so, would be obliged to know it as I have yet to see the Lecture.

This is important because my critique of the work of Professor Arrow and

Professor Sen was published ten years ago in Philosophy of Economics: On
Scope of Reason in Economic Inquiry, London & New York: Routledge, 1989,

1991.    I have not commented on social choice on the Internet.

Many thanks to Mr. Davis for the AER reference.

Subroto Roy.

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