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Re: Judiciary, Prasar Bharati, Sen

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Dear Sanjeev
I have recently joined the India Policy debate site and it promises to
extremely interesting. I am presently working at the LBS national
Academy of
Administration Mussoorie and would solicit a debate on the " Training of
recruited Civil servants - Reinventing Governance through Induction and
service courses etc "
If there are any takers I shall put up the Syllabus that is current and
feedback on making it more relevant
Yaduvendra Mathur
PS: our site http://www.lbsnaa.ernet.in

Indrajit Barua wrote:

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> Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

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> Sanjeev,
> With due respect to Amartya Sen, he seems as confused as most of our
> other economists. What we need is not jargon and moralizing but what
> desperately need is the rapid & effective dismantling of our huge
> bureaucratic apparatus and the state's involvement in business
> enterprises. Government is there to govern; government has no business

> to be in business. Words like left, right and centre have no meaning
> me.
> Indrajit Barua.
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> >Subject: Judiciary, Prasar Bharati, Sen
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> >Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate
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> >Judicial corruption:
> >====================
> >
> >We've not dwelt on judicial corruption on IPI much. Well, the Law
> Minister
> >of India is unequivocal. He said there is need to overhaul the "fatal

> >combination of incompetence and corruption among police, prosecutors,

> >witnesses and judges" (TOI, Delhi edition: 12th Nov, pg. 9).
> >
> >Thankfully and mercifully, the Mera Bharat Mahaan syndrome is on the
> wane
> >in India today and some truthful speeches are finally being made
> the
> >actual state of affairs in India. 3 cheers to the Law Minister!
> >
> >He also referred to relevance of Vohra Committee report. Will try to
> >procure a copy.
> >
> >Prasar Bharati:
> >===============
> >
> >Very good suggestion by Vir Sanghvi in HT, 12.11.99, p. 11: "The
> problem
> >with the Prasar Bharati debate is that we take government ownership
> >Doordarshan for granted." He almost (but not quite, since he wanted
> to
> >be with govt.) said what needs to be said: we must NOT have govt. in
> >broadcasting function. That is NOT a governmental function.
> >
> >In a free democracy, citizens have the right to evolve their own
> and
> >TV stations and tune in to which ever they wish. Doordarshan is a
> den
> >of corruption (which govt. organization is not?) in addition to being

> the
> >most incompetent in terms of quality of programs. Officers have been
> found
> >with crores of rupees stashed in their houses.
> >
> >I find the debate in India to be v. lukewarm. We are still to decide
> we
> >are a free nation or a feudal pass-me-down of British imperialism.
> >
> >Amartya Sen:
> >============
> >
> >Sen says in Outlook, Nov. 15, p.88: "social reform is as important as

> >economic reform." Further, at p. 90: "along with the expansion of
> >education and basic healthcare, we also have to foster economic
> reforms."
> >at p. 92: "there is no conflict between rapid economic reform and
> expansion
> >of equitable social opportunities." Sounds good. Only, he seems to be

> >missing in the methodology for either of these. Need to read his
> >Anyone willing to clarify what he means?
> >
> >Then he adds, shockingly, (p.92) "my own political position is
> distinctly
> >on the left." What??? Marx and Smith go together now-a-days?

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