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My piece of mind.

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
     I agree with Mr.umesh and Dr.Sabhlok that there is no room for
complacency, and that there is a real danger of our country degenerating
to a fourth rate country. True, what will be strikingly visible to us is

only the silver lining against the back drop of dark clouds, which is
today's India is. But I am confused to use the mildest term, as how we
should go about overhauling the society, which is divided in to
unknown to the world. Even the Indian associations in US are divided
regional lines, and they themselves are divided along caste lines. When
so called educated ( read literate ) itself refuses to change, what to
of the illeterate for whom caste and religion is the main appeal.
     It is common the kids in schools abuse other kids by the name of
respective religions. When the so called guardians of the society are
brought up that way, where is the optimism of a rejuvenated Indian
When indifference is the hallmark of an Indian, what amount of suffering

will awake him from his slumber. Couple of weeks back, Dr. Roy pointing
the site indiamaps.com, remarked that we at IPI reduced ourselves to
cyber forum, without direction. True. But we all have good intentions.
we are trying negotiate through such a complex maze of ills that the
the destination itself is complex.
     When I recommended a fellow Indian graduate student at my
University to
visit the IPI site, his mind-numbing answer, rather question, is why I
so much time on that. Such is the psyche of an average Indian.

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