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Re: Graduation out of a Caste....?

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
there have been a number of responses to my intitial inquiry to the
venting comment on this forum by an upper (i am assuming) caste person
complaining of the manner in which teh system discriminates against him.

Obviously he also believes that i am not mature enough to discuss these
issues in a public forum most probably becasue i am calling him out on
own inability to give up a piece of power to those in a more
place than his own priveleged (i am assuming) background.
the response back to me is very telling of the manner in which people
are asked to lead the way, as umesh puts it, are incapable of making
for others.
it is true that there have been various forms of compensatory
instituted by teh indian gov't and therefore he automatic question
"who has improved? how is success assessed?"  however, there is a
that arises before this inquiry and that is one whoch examines the local
state gov't implementation of teh policies set out at teh national
not only that but there shoudl also be an assessment of the manner in
the S. court has ruled on issues bringing fundamental rights into focus.

granted that the S.court has been moving towards an activist role in
enforcing these rights.  however, is it not tryue that until a case
before them there is no real implementational or watchdog tool over teh
implementation of these rights?  perhaps it is the constitutional's flaw
providing no more immediate of a remedy for enforcement at teh more
level, perhaps it is the flaw in teh constitution which limits teh
judiciary's role to only fundamental righst and relies so (failingly)
heavily on the parliament to institute policy.  remember policy is
if not implemented responsibly, perhaps the first inquiry into teh
rate needs to be a comprehensive inquiry.
the danger that umesh's quetsion raises is that by doing this inquiry
corruption and the real lack of enforcement of this policy will come to
light (afterall who is in the lok sabha?) furthermore history has told
that those in power will almost do anything (including lighting
in teh street) to hold on to power... it takes a sincere push from
to teach our children and eachother the societal benefits and teh moral
value in correcting past discimination to right the wrongs of our
--retu (perhaps it is becasue i am a woman that i am considered to be
mature enoguh for this discussion by some colleagues on this
you should think about that and your own sexism and discrimination the
time you decide to respond to an intelligent lawyer and policy advocate)

"Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high......
Into that heaven of freedom, my father, let my country awake."
- Rabindranath Tagore

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