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RE: Reservations debate

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!


Dear Dr. Sablok,

Your outbursts on people expressing their opinions about caste based
reservations are rather inappropriate. I am talking about your statement

which starts with "I've said it before many times and say it again..."
you go on to conclude that "...Reservations are NOT the cause of India's

plight.India primarily owes its problems to the disastrousexperiment
socialism ...."

Please please Sanjeev, let us remember that we allow concerned citizens
express their opinions on issues that they think affect Indian society.
Maintaining rather unwelcome posture to towards opinions that we don't
with, or something that seems to have been discussed and perhaps agreed
otherwise, assumes that everyone participating in the debate are fully
of all of the things that have happened here in the short history of

Moreover, while agreeing in principle that free market is the answer to
of problems of our society, and rather socialistic way our economy
for the last fifty years is part of the problem, you cannot simply wish
some socialism when there are hundreds of millions of our people who are

simply not prepared to any kind of economy let alone talking about
free market.

Even the free market Mecca of this world, the United States, still
over how much socialism the state or federal governments need to
and that defines the difference between radical republicans and moderate

democrats. I am sure you know the welfare laws of the United States
have no role in a free market.

So, welfare is not going to go away however much you talk about it. Our
economy has been a mixed economy, more socialistic and the direction it
already taken is towards free market. Frustratingly slow pace of reforms
the issue, however talking about that would mean shifting focus away
the caste based reservation policy that you responded to.

Please remember, in however great a language you write the philosophy of

doing away with reservations on a time bound basis, that is not
implementable. If that were the case, we would have been living in a
different world today, cuz, originally the reservations were set out to
only for 10 years, and even now, the parliament has extended it for
10 years only to do it again after 10 years!

The fact is, whoever gets into the privileged category of being
by caste, refuses to qualify out of it ever. Political pressure doesn't
allow politicians to challenge this large segment of our society which
doesn't want to let go of this little more then just a feel good factor
their miserable lives.

Yes sir, I challenge you to find a way to remove caste based
You cannot ask individuals to stop discriminating on the basis of caste
until you stop the state from doing so in the first place. Civilized
societies don't teach fighting evil with evil, rather then
against merit, there ought to be tough laws to stop any kind of
discrimination of the basis of caste.

This can only be achieved when people like you and I refuse to identify
ourselves as being of a particular caste, or at least being upper or
caste. Also we must spark a public debate by asking people to speak out
whether they feel they are any inferior or superior simply because they
born to a particular caste. Then there should be a public referendum as
whether citizens of India want to be recognized for their caste by their

government or if the government should mind providing basic education to

all, welfare to the needy irrespective of their caste and of course
some regulations so that within a limited parameter, private educational
business organizations are asked to maintain some cultural and ethnic
diversity without hurting the cause of merit or productivity.


Umesh Tiwari

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