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RE: The real issue

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

Dear Vikram Vasu,

Your point is well taken (talking about myself). I don't like comparison
my country (India) with any other country for good nor for bad. You
like kids shooting in streets or schools alright, but does that justify
defending rampant corruption in public and private or all conceivable
of Indian system and society (I hope you won't come back with another
justification saying corruption is universal!), shameful practice of
system, which refuses to go away from Indian psyche. Caste system is
practiced by politicians, bureaucrats, religious leaders, backwards,
forwards, educated, illiterates, everybody almost without exception. How

about talking the recent "Sati" incident in Uttar Pradesh and local
glorifying the same. This is perhaps third or fourth such incident in
last few years that was brought to light. If I remember correctly, the
reverend Acharya Giriraj Kishor talking about reviving Sati Pratha again
one of his recent talks. Yes idiots are also allowed to talk freely in a

democracy, but it becomes a problem when idiots only talk, idiots rule,
everybody else hides behind some excuse or other.

Yes it is improper to compare India with the United States, and you can
reasons to be proud of 5000 year old Indian society. But Eklavya had to
sacrifice his thumb for being a lower caste in the time of Guru Drona,
today a Brahmin  doesn't think he can take a job of a Janitor, and the
government thinks a Brahmin deserves to be punished for whatever his/her

ancestors may or may not have done.

It is hard for me to make sense of any of these let alone being proud of

Something certainly needs fixing out there.



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