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Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

*  Election Commission is the 'Registrar of Political
Parties' in India, but it has no Rules under the ROP
Act to regulate political parties. A few discretionary
orders exist.

*  There is no way to secure a copy of the memoranda
of association and constitutions of political parties
from the Commission unlike in the case of the
Company's Act.

* While it is possible to get the copy of the
electoral accounts of individual candidates from the
respective DEOs, a similar facility is not permitted
in the case of  electoral returns of political parties
which are required to submit electoral returns to the
Commission. Transparency could easily be enhanced in
the system through publishing these accounts on the
internet as in the case of USA and other countries.

* There were some very good recommendations made by
the Commission to the Law Ministry on Electoral
reforms, in 1996. I am looking at these presently.

* There is no relationship of the electoral
expenditure limit to the salary drawn by MPs/ MLAs.
The Rs.15 / Rs. 6 lakh limits on MP/MLA elections are
completely arbitrary.

* On primary education: Some ***extremely*** good
suggestions to strengthen the role of NGOs (civil
society) in education are under process. Parental
control over teachers is the key in these proposals.
We can hope to see 'privatization' in this area in the
coming years.

* Contrary to what I had thought, divestment of public
sector undertakings (at the national level) is
apparently being blocked more by the bureucracy than
by the political leadership. Apparently major
decisions were taken in this regard at the highest
level but the bureaucracy has managed to push these
into more and more 'committees' instead of taking firm
action. Confusion prevails on how to divest. We lack a
Lech Walesa to push out such obstacles and get the job

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