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Re: Understandable....

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
With regards to this observation of Dr Sabhlok, I see
that in the beginning about beginning of when this
list was in it's infancy, it was brought out that what
India also needs to seriously look at is the life of
the common man and it is this list that was actually
being referred to... If a common man's life is full of
strife from dawn till dusk, where does he even get a
breather to think about life's deeper meaning and the
logical way of thought?
And as it stands to be - this effort to make India a
better place to live is only by a strong multi-pronged
effort hammerring away equally on all fronts so that
there is a parallel process to improve all linked
areas together.
I am sure it is a long and ardous process and might
take decades to get a billion and growing minds to
think better - now with 'consumerism' taking it's
roots and the utilization and recycling of resources
not at all being paid attention to... but I think it
will in all respects be worth the efforts to get the
ball rolling with as much initial momentum as possible
so that it might find it's momentum gathering and
would be able to sweep off all grime and rust and make
things smoother to function.

Another major point IMHO is the fact that there are no
standards set up in the country - anything goes...
Looking at the state of affairs in the US after living
in India for so long and analysing the smoothness of
issues here, I see that standards are something which
have to be set up and followed strictly


No standards set up for school going children -
children are packed into autorickshaws and in my times
and maybe still in some cities - into tongas and
carried to school like a bag of vegetables taken
around from one market to another.
I guess children need a better treatment and if they
grow up in this kind of a chaotic place, they are
bound to get their minds run on parallel lines and
grow up to be chaotic themselves.

No standards set up on the use of paper. I see in the
US the legal size is the standard size for all
official purposes. Back home, any thing and everything
depending on the fancy of the printer and the user, to
make a substitute if the original one is not available
- tends to underuse and waste precious resources and
also causes a tremendous amount of pressure on the

I guess the list is not just a finite one but al these
are interlinked to each other and the trick is to find
the right point to hammer out to untangle this mass
heap of the way the life is bing lived out there.
And in my opinion, the best way is to live in the
country and make these efforts from within the country
'cos only then it tests your sanity and makes you work
harder to resolve the issues else things might get a
bit rosy from outside and might not have the momentum
that they really need to get the matters on hand
sorted out.

With Regards and Wishing all a more zealous year for

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