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public sector

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Those who wonder why the public sector does not die
out in areas where it has no business to be (despite
zillions of recommendations and resolutions) would do
well to relate it ***very closely*** with the
fundamental law of corruption:

Most of these organizations are headed by elected
representatives and provide the 'suitable' opportunity
to them to 'recover' their electoral expense. There is
NOT ONE FAT CHANCE that these opportunities to gobble
public money without accountability will be let go.
Not unless the salaries (not perks) of MPs and MLAs
are raised hundreds of times.

Lesson: Pay your representative poorly and get:
       * corruption in all legitimate government
       * continuation of public sector in areas
         where it has no business.

Assam has now a strike IN THE SECRETARIAT because the
govt. could not pay salaries to its employees.
Teachers don't get salaries and there is no education,
hospitals don't have equipment or medicine, government
employees don't get salaries and there is no
governance. But our public sector units which produce
shirts and pants, cameras and photo film, cars and
milk, "produce" electricity, run airlines and hotels,
airline reservations, buses, oil, television serials,
etc., merrily go on, sucking our blood dry through
losses which are fully funded by tax-payers.
Government has no business to be in business. But that
has become its primary business now. Governance,
education and health are far from its mind.

WHY? Let us pay our representatives well. Or expect
the worst.


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