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the fundamental law revisited

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Reconfirmed (through personal conversations: please do
not ask for 'documentary proof') that it costs private
candidates [all combined], approximately Rs. 100-2000
per voter per constituency to contest elections,
depending on the nature of the constituency (there is
an economy of scale involved here).  At the end of it,
we as voters agree to pay 25 paisa to Rs. 5 per voter
per year as salary to the representative (depending on
the size of the constituency). The remaining money
(along with interest) is recovered by the successful
candidate through dipping hands into the public kitty
through the use of discretionary powers. We often end
up paying over Rs. 10,000 per voter per year in terms
of real losses caused to the public exchequer and
economy through corruption as the relatively tiny
corruption of the ministers translates and
proliferates into huge corruption at the grass-roots

Corruption begins because we the citizen allow only
that method to our representatives to recover their
electoral costs. Just reconfirming the fundamental law
of Indian corruption.

Nothing is so starkly clear as this, and nothing is so
less discussed. Living in a fool's paradise is our
favourite pastime.

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