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some more "tiny" points

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
(don't remember mentioning these earlier. if duplicated, pl. excuseth. I
hope folks are compiling these things in their personal life, and are going
to send them in.)

*  the latest telephone directory in Shillong is of 1993. We are almost in
2000 AD. There is thus no way to find out tel. nos. in Shillong except
thro' 197, where no one picks up the phone for most of the day. 

*  Even ordinarily, you cannot easily get the tel. directory as a consumer
or resident of a city. Many forms filled might get you one, if you are
lucky. Else, special requests to senior officials, if you have the energy
to do that.

*  Internet here has 6 persons (and 6 phone numbers) who are supposed to
help out. For 2 days I tried to get some help (over 2 hours of continuous
trying). No one picked up the phone. That is 'customer' support or service
orientation for you. Finally, I had to call up GM  of telephone deptt. to
get to know my mail server. there was no brochure issued on my getting
internet. It was trial and error all the way. Even today I do not  know how
to get my account status (hours remaining). 

* I verified from friends who have been exporting goods from India. The
customs organization of India takes bribes for EACH box in EACH consignment
EXPORTED from India even if all the papers are perfectly in order. So much
for export 'promotion.' 

Enjoy! Mera Bharat is VERY Mahaaaaaaan!!!

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