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Sad Story

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Dear Dr. Rajendra Jain,

Recent caste based reservation related decisions of the Government did
raise many eyebrows cuz everyone knows no amount of loud talks are going
change much, neither a government change likely to help.

The idea of Public Referendum, something similar to the kind that is
in some states of the United States, on the other hand, stands a good
of changing the shape of this sad saga.

Dr. Sanjeev Sablok, Dr. Subroto Roy, Vamsi, Bhuwan, and everybody else,
ask you to throw your hats in, and think about IPI sponsoring a public
referendum that would ask people of India to vote on whether they want
continue with the sick political practice of caste based reservations or

find a better way to support the weaker sections without penalizing
and hard work. I think constitutional experts and legal institutes can
asked to comment on whether or not such a referendum would be legal and
binding on our governments to follow. I know some would like to term
moves as extra-constitutional just as they are labeled here in the
States by those who don't like apolitical solutions to the problems they

don't want solved for political reasons.

Give it a thought and explore whether something like this can help fix
problem created by our politicians.

Thank You.

Umesh Tiwari

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