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economics of 'red lights'

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
why do many officials who are not 'entitled' to red lights use them
despite ma
repeated attempts to prevent its use? a few economic leads:

*  in many places, parking attendants do not charge the parking fee to
with red lights. Appx. savings per year = Rs. 200-500

*  police do not usually cite such cars for traffic violations. savings
be readily imagined.

*   time savings: overtaking other cars is easier while 'non-red light
avoid overtaking fearing 'retaliation' which does take place in some

Indirect benefits:

*  distinguishing mark (such as the white paste on some Brahmin's heads
the sindoor on a married woman's [in some cases])


In states without insurgency, cost is very low. Actually zero. In states
insurgency, cost can sometimes be v. high. Hence in such states, even
very high
officials prefer to travel 'incognito...'

Prediction: This disease cannot be stamped out. If temporarily snuffed
out, it
will re-emerge. A systemic change is needed to get it out of the

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