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The real issue

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Our  country is going through a crucial phase . Yes, in many areas we =
have serious problems . Our population is getting out of hand , social =

inequalities continue to exist and the economy has a long way to go . =
However , this situation is by no means hopeless . In fact , the biggest
dangers are skepticism and pessimism . It has become fashionable to =
criticise the country and anti-establishment seems to be the order of =
the day . While constructive criticism is helpful , if not essential , =

meaningless India-bashing on trivial issues will not take us anywhere .
There are  many things that are still very sane about this country .
    I have noticed that India has been compared to " Developed " nations
like U.S.A  on this forum . This , I think , is unfair . Though as a =
republic nation we are only 52 years old , we are a 3000 year old =
civilisation . Where was America in 1827 AD , let alone 1500 BC . It =
would be unfair to blame the British for all of our problems , but these
are early days yet . Let us not lose faith in our country .

 We may have cows on the roads , BUT , we certainly don't have 12-year =

olds shooting down  their class-mates . Which do you think is more =
worrying ?

Regards ,
 Vikram Vasu

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