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Re: a note on Karl Marx

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
Sanjeev Sabhlok wrote:found this:

> http://www.emerald-library.com/brev/00625ed1.htm

Please, let's not tilt at windmills of personalities [marx], or
deify others [hayek]. If we're going to have a meaningful debate
we should be able to state _what_ we believe, not _who_ we
deify as oracles.

It is easy to pick personalities and point out their mistakes.

As to the explanantion of poverty... ONE of the causes is
the formation of classes- rich and poor- in society where
the rich class consciously acquires power to preserve its
wealth and privlege. The notion of private property is one
device to maintain the status quo- so that even upon death
the possessor, wealth remains in the control of the rich class.

I would also note that Capital pointed out that one
of the factors that determines the ability to rise out of
poverty is access to capital [Grameen Bank is a good
example that proves this].

The source of an assertion should not automatically
be reason to accept or reject it- I believe we all have the ability
to reason for ourselves.

> "During the twentieth century after seeing what happened in the Soviet
> Union where the Communist revolution indeed put an end to private
> property ............

True, but it did not put an end to the concentration of power
[and therefore the equivalent of wealth] in the hands of a few.

> ..........Hardened Marxists
> should respond. Else, let Marx finally give up his ghost.

the same could be said in the context of Adam Smith, or Hayek,
and would be equally fruitless.
I renew my argument that focusing on personalities
is unproductive.

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