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Electoral reform

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
                This is the language I propose to put in the manifesto.
last line is, of course, my own addition (which can be striked out, if
are objections), the rest comes from a suggestion by Manish Gupta and
related debates. 

                ************* Start Of the Text******

                "Law regarding State & National Political Parties :

        Nominations of the official candidates of individual political
parties for contesting elections, should be democratically done by
conducting preliminary rounds of elections, where only the party members
residing in the constituency under consideration would be eligible to
This should be done no sooner then four months and no later then six
before actual elections to the constituency are due."
***** End Of The Text ********
                The other point, suggested by Manish Gupta, regarding
Election Commission enforcing "Democratic Norms" obviously ran into
waters because of no agreement on defining "Democratic Norms" and some
objection to Government (the election commission) intervening into
that it ought not to. Though in my opinion, government and the election
commission are two separate entities, with relative independence in most

On Kush Khatri's point ...
"..3. I do not know if suggestions for campaign disclosure laws have
forwarded?  These laws should make disclosure of political
contributions mandatory in all cases where candidates and parties are
soliciting and receiving funds from individuals and other entities. 
Also as was discussed many months ago IP as a principle had decided
that there will be limits on campaign contributions."

In this the following point in the manifesto under revision :

"...Election Commission also needs a legislation requiring a mandatory
accounts audit of every individual political campaign committee
Such accounts must document every small as well as large donation from
citizens as well as organizations. Such political donation records
containing information about donors as well as the amounts donated,
automatically become a public property accessible to all."

"Election Commission must impose a strict upper ceiling on the amount of
money a single individual or organizational donor can donate to a
campaign. Such limit should be revised every ten years in order to
the limit with inflation."

Answer your doubts, and yes, in my opinion, the points debated on the
forum have been included in the manifesto. You are welcome, and in fact
encouraged to point out any other shorcomings that you see in the
draft ASAP.



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