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Rajeev:Manifesto update : poverty : IT Policy

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
Some suggested chhanges/addition :

13.     Equity through elimination of poverty

Inequalities of income are a necessary outcome of a society geared
toward the production of wealth. However, poverty is not. The focus of
the modern Indian society will have to be to ensure the complete
elimination of poverty. While the growth of incomes would substantially
bring down poverty, there would remain many cases where direct tax
credits and other direct subsidies would need to be applied to those
who are unable, for no fault of theirs, to cope with the changed
economic environment. More importantly, subsidized education will be
provided to those who are disadvantaged.

Add << RM ... Easy access to credit finance and occupational assistance
to help turn around the lives of those with genuine needs. >>

14.     IT Policy

The information technology sector is very important IT policy:
"included here briefly" should be removed. . Private parties would be
involvement in cabling and uplinking. The consumer electronics and
semiconductor industries would be particularly encouraged. Private
would be allowed to own and operate their own communication satellites.
Obstacles such as license fee and earmarking of territories for
companies would be done away with. Internet telephony would be freely

<< RM ... In the information age, access and control of information is
going to be a key factor. In recognition of this, we must provide the
greatest support in enabling this growth. India must redefine the way
information is used. Key institutions for Research, Training &
Implementation in new technologies must be sustained to be able to
produce high calibre professionals. India must strive to be innovators
of new technology, instead of being buyers of technology in this vital
future sector.>>
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