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"The great Indian Middle Class"

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
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Just finished reading a most interesting book on the Indian Middle
class. The book written by Praveen Varma entitled " The great Indian
Middle class" is absorbing in its detail and in its research.

The conclusions of the author raise more questions than they answer. It
is the opinion of Mr. Varma that the Indian middle class is so consumed
by its own narrow and selfish needs that it is incapable in coming
together for the betterment of the nation.

He believes that the educated Indians are completely devoid of any
feeling of social obligations and refuse to even acknowledge the
presence of an overwhelming number of poor and illiterate countrymen
around them.

He also discounts the possibility of a movement by this class for
changing the current defunct system.

In his opinion the only salvation of the country, if at all possible is
in the hands of NGOs and benevolent corporates.

While his study of the historical events that have led to this state of
affairs is very thought provoking, it would be interesting to have
opinion of the group members on his conclusions.


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