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a note on Karl Marx

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found this:


haven't read the entire stuff, but a tiny extract was good:

"Karl Marx thought that the explanation of poverty, or what he called
the exploitation of the masses, lies in the phenomenon of surplus value
linked to the institution of private property considered to be the
greatest social evil of a completely rotten capitalist society. This
picture of the problem is inherited from him.

"During the twentieth century after seeing what happened in the Soviet
Union where the Communist revolution indeed put an end to private
property but the exploitation of the masses continued in a much more
intensive manner, there is no longer any scientific or empirical doubt
that the Marxian explanation of poverty, supposedly due to the
institution of private property, was and is false, or at least
ambiguous, not true as such. And indeed this is the case."

Prof. Rugina then gives much detail with reference to "Capital," using
flaws in "Marxian economics" with the M-C-M' anaylsis. Hardened Marxists
should respond. Else, let Marx finally give up his ghost.

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