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Re: Mr. Barun Mitra on the Sonia Issue

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
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you wrote:
>a) Why Lack Credibility of those questioning Sonia doesnt make their
>argument less credible?

I am still trying to understand the substance of this foreign born

One can and should discuss the merit of various policies. But what is
the merit of this argument over foreign born?

>endeavouring to abolish a century later. Does the fact USA patronised
>and legalised slavery at the time of "Declaration of Independence" make

>its contents low on credibility. If that was true IPI wouldnt have
>adopted and referenced to it. Its fact that those who proposed it were
>extremely hollow in their ideology that they so passionately supported
>but that didnt take away the credibility of what they said. That is
precisely the reason that I see no merit in discussing the origin of any
political person.
>accounted for this scenario ?" I would like some constitutional
>historian to throw light on this. If the drafters had good reasons then

>enlighten us if they didnt then they perhaps goofed up on this - lets
>accept it, after all the Indian Constituion is the most voluminous

The other article I mentioned by Prof. Mushirul Hasan in the Indian
Express May 22, has quotations from some of those present in the
Constitutent Assembly on this issue. Prof. hasan is a noted historian.
Unfortunately, while the debates of the constitutent assembly is
available on the internet, courtsey, NIC, they are very badly indexed.
So I could not find issue specific references.

>c.) Why Forbidding Naturalized Citizens From Holding High Posts doesnt
>make us Xenophobic ? A Naturalized Citizen should be forbidden for the
following reason with
>the following exception: In the event of a conflict of interest between

>his/her country of birth and his/her naturalized country where will
>his/her loyalties lie, and would it be wise to even allow such a
>situation to arise and unduly burden him/her to make such a choice. I
>came across some correspondence from some Serbian Profs in USA who feel
>cruxcified making such a choice. I think its thoroughly unwise to allow

>them to hold such offices where the duress of making such a choice is
>bound to inhibit their ability to function, make their commitment
>suspect and bring about a nation-wide lack of confidence in their

This is at best a pragmatic justification, not a philosophic or based on
any particular political principal. One can cite a lot of historical
experience of the damage the native borns have caused to their one
community and country. Hitler (he was actually an Austrian, but Austria
and Germany were and acontine to be culturally very close) Pol Pot, and
many others. I could even cite Nehru's socialism for many of our present
ills and Indira Gandhi's attempt to undermine the democratic
institutions. In my article, I did mention these last instances and some
other policy grounds for opposing Congress/Sonia. Whether we want it or
not, we have to debate this issue now. In a country like ours, does this
reflect our real priorities?

Best, Barun

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