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Priorities [Moderator - Priorities for a Government]

[Topics under debate]: GOOD GOVERNANCE
___Help make this manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!___
Just some thoughts on what should be the top 10 priorities of a

1) maintenance of law and order and judicial redress

2) Maintenance of National Defence

3) Provision of education and educational facilities till secondary

4) Provision of basic health facilities

5) Provision of (only) fundamental infrastructure for commerce,
sanitation and disaster relief.

6) regulation of foreign policy and interaction in international global

7) Monetary supervision (only) and statutory control (only)

8) Maintenance of adequate reserves for emergencies

9) Maintenance of community records

10) Social security to the poorest of the poor ( only)

These have been arranged in the above order based on weightage for the
a) Can & will the people do it themselves?
b) Is it vital for civil society to exist and grow?
c) Do we need any control in this area?
d) Is collective action necessary? i.e. can individuals not perform this
e) What would tax payers be willing to pay for?

In the context of defining the elements of the manifesto it is important
to identify those elements upon which we should focus our maximum
attention to ensure that sufficient debate has been done to crystallise
the groups thoughts in the vital areas. It is very possible that given
the perceived importance of some topical issues energies get dissipated


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