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RE: nuclear India

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There can be no question about the fact that had Serbia been a stronger
military power the Kosovo crisis would not be a crisis at all. A classic
case is that of China. Clearly what is happening in Kosovo has happened
many times over in Tibet and yet the US refuses to even diplomatically
intervene. The treatment of China by the west is clear proof of double
standards applied by the western powers depending on the military
capabilities of their adversary. China's clear policy of pursuing its
own aggressive defence policy has clearly paid dividends, for China
realises that the one weapon that works even better than the ICBMs with
the west is the promise of a huge market and the lure of profits. Having
ICBMs only makes their position more compelling.

The west today treats communist China more as an equal than a democratic
India who they continue to deny even recognition as a nuclear state
despite having clear grounds to do so. It is a shame that valuable and
scarce resources have to be spent maintaining huge armies & continuously
upgrading defence technologies but there is enough evidence in history
to show that this investment is an unavoidable evil in the affairs of
men and nations. There is no doubt that India in its own long term
interests must continue to maintain and improve its defence

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